Polyester Strapping: Your Go-To Option for Bundling Heavyweight Loads

11 March 2024

polyester strapping

Secure heavyweight loads with polyester strapping. Available at Westside Packaging Systems Australia, know why it is the go-to option for bundling and shipping.

Industries across Australia often benefit from polyester strapping among strapping options in transporting and shipping heavyweight loads. These loads generally can present unique challenges when being transferred and stored from one place to another. Ensuring they are securely bundled and protected during transit is vital to prevent damage and guarantee safe delivery.

Polyester strapping, with its notable properties, has become a go-to solution for securing heavyweight loads effectively. Westside Packaging Systems Australia offers this strapping option for industries that require proper bundling and shipping of heavy and bulky items.

Polyester Strapping: Notable Features

Polyester strapping, also known as PET strapping, is a type of synthetic strapping material made from high-quality polyester fibres. It is commonly used for bundling, unitising, and securing heavy loads for transportation or storage. Polyester strapping is available in various widths, thicknesses, and strengths to accommodate different load sizes and weight capacities.

Many features can be associated with polyester strapping.

First, it has exceptional tensile strength and resistance to stretching, making this strapping option ideal for securing heavyweight loads without breaking or snapping during transit. It also has inherent elasticity, allowing it to absorb shocks and vibrations during transportation. This quality then reduces the risk of load shifting or damage caused by impact. Now, unlike other strapping options like steel, polyester strapping is not susceptible to rust or corrosion, which makes it suitable for outdoor applications and environments with exposure to humidity or moisture.

PET strapping is even safer to handle than steel strapping, as it does not have sharp edges that can cause injuries to workers during installation or removal. Although it is initially more expensive than polypropylene strapping, polyester strapping still offers long-term cost savings thanks to its durability and reliability. This feature reduces the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

Important Uses of Polyester Strapping

Polyester strapping is widely used across various industries for bundling and securing a range of heavyweight loads, including timber, lumber, metal coils, metal sheets, construction materials, machinery and equipment pieces, palletised goods, containers, bricks, tiles, and concrete products.

But to ensure it can be utilised properly, you must make sure it possesses the appropriate width and thickness that match the size and weight of the load. You must also take advantage of proper tensioning tools and equipment to achieve the desired tension and securement. Proper sealing and closure methods like metal or plastic seals must likewise be maximised to prevent strapping from loosening or slipping. Lastly, you must regularly inspect your PET strapping for signs of wear, damage, or degradation and replace it as needed to maintain load security.

If you need polyester strapping and its associated tools and equipment, feel free to purchase them from Westside Packaging Systems Australia. We offer PET strapping with varying specifications like minimum break force and dimensions. It also comes in two styles: embossed and smooth. We also offer strapping tools and strapping guards to effectively bundle heavyweight loads.

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