Steel Straps Seal Supply for Transport Safety

22 February 2024

Enhance the security of cargo shipments with steal straps seal supplied by Westside Packaging Systems Australia. Maximise reliability.

Goods bundled with steel straps can benefit from a solid seal supply from Westside Packaging Systems Australia. You see, shipping them across the country or around the globe must be done safely. One vital aspect of cargo safety is the proper sealing of steel straps utilised to secure loads during transport.

Steel Straps and Sealing Products

Steel straps, also known as steel bands, are commonly used in the shipping and transportation industry to secure bundles, crates, pallets, and other types of cargo. They provide robust support and protection, preventing goods from shifting, tipping, or getting damaged during transit. However, to ensure the effectiveness of these straps, proper sealing must be done.

Sealing steel straps involves different types of specialised seals or closures to secure the ends of the straps together. The purpose of sealing is to create a tight and secure bond. Sealing components play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the strap assembly, preventing slippage, unravelling, or failure that could compromise the safety of the cargo.

Types of Sealing for Steel Straps

At Westside Packaging Systems Australia, our seals for steel straps come in several types.

Snap-on seals, for instance, feature a simple design that snaps into place over the overlapping ends of the strap, offering quick and easy installation without needing special tools. Thread-on pusher seals, alternatively, are comprised of a metal seal body with internal threads and a threaded rod or pusher pin. The overlapping ends of the strap are inserted into the seal body, while the pusher pin is threaded into the same part, compressing the strap ends together to form a tight seal.

We also offer knock-over seals, which are comprised of a metal seal body with a tab or buckle and a spring-loaded mechanism. The overlapping ends of the steel strap are inserted into the seal body, while the tab or buckle is pushed down to lock the strap in place.

Lastly, magazine seals are sealing products that feature a rectangular or cylindrical shape with an open end. They are loaded into the magazine of the sealer, which automatically feeds and crimps the seal onto the overlapping ends of the steel strap.

Our snap-on seals, thread-on pusher seals, and knock-over seals come in 12, 16, and 19mm. Magazine seals, alternatively, come in 16, 19, and 32mm.

Proper Installation and Inspection

Regardless of the type of seal used, proper installation must be done to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of steel straps in securing cargo. Improperly sealed straps can lead to load shifting, strap failure, or even cargo loss or damage during transit. Inspecting them regularly must also be carried out to identify any signs of wear, damage, or corrosion that can compromise their integrity. Inspecting straps for signs of rust, bending, or fraying and replacing worn or damaged seals promptly can prevent accidents and ensure the safe and secure transport of cargo.

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