Customised Coverage: Why Hand Grade Blown Stretch Film is Your Best Fit

25 March 2024

Hand Grade Blown Stretch Film

Guarantee product safety by using hand grade blown stretch film from Westside Packaging Systems Australia. Ensure superior protection for your packaging needs.

Effective packaging solutions like hand grade blown stretch film are vital in packaging and shipping operations as they can ensure the proper arrival of products to their intended destination. Hand grade blown stretch film is a versatile and durable packaging material that provides customised coverage for a wide range of applications.

Composition of Hand Grade Blown Stretch Film

Hand grade blown stretch film is primarily composed of linear low-density polyethylene or LLDPE, a type of thermoplastic polymer.

LLDPE is chosen for its toughness, flexibility, and stretchability, which are crucial qualities for effective wrapping and securing loads. The manufacturing process involves extruding the LLDPE into a thin film while blowing air into it to create a bubble, which is then collapsed and rolled.

Westside Packaging Systems Australia currently offers this type of packaging solution with various specifications. They include WP222A (25um 500mm x 300m Black), WP224A (25um 500mm x 300m Clear), WP201A (23um 500mm x 300m Clear), and WP223 (20um 500mm x 400m Clear).

Hand Grade Blown Stretch Films: Main Benefits

If you want to secure customised coverage for your products, you can never go wrong with hand grade blown stretch films from Westside Packaging Systems Australia. Some benefits you can obtain from these packaging supplies are as follows.

•  Superior Durability: Hand grade blown stretch film is renowned for its exceptional strength and puncture resistance, making it an ideal choice for securing products that require extra protection during transit. The blown variant is done through a process that blows heated resin out into a bubble, which is then transformed into layers. This method results in a more robust and durable film that can withstand the rigours of shipping and handling, reducing the risk of damage to your goods.

•  Enhanced Load Retention: This film has a higher memory and holding power than its counterparts, meaning it can stretch around items to be packaged and then snugly return to its original size, effectively securing the load. This characteristic ensures items remain tightly bound and stable, minimising movement and the potential for damage during transport.

•  Improved Visual Security: The nature of this product gives it an opaque appearance, which serves an additional function of visual security. This opacity guarantees that the contents of a package are concealed from view, offering an extra layer of protection against theft and tampering.

•  Cost-effective: Choosing hand grade blown stretch film is not only beneficial for its physical properties but also for its cost-effectiveness. Its durability means less film is required to secure a load properly, leading to savings on material costs.

Invest in Hand Grade Blown Stretch Films Today

Whether you are wrapping irregularly shaped items, bundling together multiple goods, or securing heavy loads, hand grade blown stretch film offers the flexibility to meet diverse packaging requirements. Its versatility extends to its ability to perform under a variety of environmental conditions, including extreme cold, which makes it suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, investing in hand grade blown stretch film into your packaging process can significantly improve the safety and integrity of your shipments, ultimately contributing to greater customer satisfaction and a stronger bottom line.

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