Everything You Should Know About Stretch Wrap

10 May 2022

Many businesses in the food, shipping, construction, and other industries must handle, store, and ship their products properly. Failure to transport them safely, after all, will only lead to costly […]

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6 Notable Benefits of Using Composite Strapping

27 April 2022

Industries that produce different types of materials must ensure that their offerings will be stored, handled, and transported safely. One process that can help them achieve these things is strapping. […]

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A Brief Comparison between Automatic and Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

08 April 2022

Varying strapping materials can be maximised by businesses in securing and safeguarding their products. Some of these materials are polypropylene, polyester, and metal. Polypropylene strapping is maximised by many industries […]

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The Importance of Strength in Packaging Tapes and How They’re Tested

29 March 2022

Boxes, bottles, and other similar products must be moved and transported so they remain intact. One way to ensure their proper handling is to wrap them with packaging tape. Packaging […]

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Polyester vs. Polypropylene: Choosing the Right Strapping Product for Your Application

08 March 2022

Various industries carry out unique processes to ensure that their operations will be successful. One of the processes that they conduct is strapping. Strapping is a process of combining and […]

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