Filament Tapes 101: Everything and Anything About It

09 August 2022

Designed for heavy-duty purposes, filament tape is a utility-grade packing tape that may be used for packaging. Fiberglass “filaments” are what give it its strength and integrity. Unlike heat-sensitive or […]

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The Amazing Functions of a Strapping Machine

28 July 2022

Investing in automated strapping machines is one of the finest ways to boost overall productivity and raise the efficiency of your work floor. Other effective methods include: These marvellous innovations […]

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Why Do You Need Steel Straps?

14 July 2022

Finding the right kind of strapping for your application can be a challenge nowadays because there are so many different kinds of strapping available. Metal strapping and steel strapping may […]

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Benefits of Good Packaging Design in Numerous Ways

29 June 2022

A product’s packaging is generally the first thing a consumer sees when they open the package. As a result, producers should never ignore the importance of product packaging. A positive […]

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Woven vs. Composite Strapping: What are the Differences?

14 June 2022

Let’s have a look at the many strapping options that are widely accessible in the market. For storage and shipping, strapping is nothing more than a flat ribbon used to […]

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