Choosing Among Package Edge Protectors: Plastic, Cardboard, or Metal?

06 February 2023

Because damage to the corners of packages is one of the many threats they encounter while being transported and stored, the utilisation of edge protectors is an absolute need in these circumstances. Edge protectors make it possible for the corners of packages to withstand impact, which safeguards the integrity of the contents against damage caused by rough handling. This is especially important for fragile objects.

What Are Edge Protectors?

Edge protectors are added to products to assist in stabilising and protecting loads while they are transported and stored. They assist in preventing goods from shifting during transit and give additional support for double-stacked pallets. Stretch wrap or strapping is typically used to keep edge protectors in their proper position. Several materials are available for edge guards, including cardboard, plastic, and metal.



Metals have a natural resistance to wear and tear; they can withstand significant forceful impact and are not easily worn away by abrasion, two prevalent factors in the warehouse and logistics industries. Because of this, they can offer exceptional protection against impact for the corners of the package.


Metal has a strong resistance to heat, which is why edge guards made of metal are often used. They are not susceptible to melting or combustion, which are potential outcomes in high-temperature situations.

Very Versatile In Its Use

Metal edge protectors have a strong resistance to impact, which allows them to survive for a long time. Because of this, they are extremely reusable.



Plastic edge protectors can provide enough corner protection for most packages, even though they are not as sturdy as metal edge guards. They have a fair resistance to impact, and they have some degree of abrasion resistance as well.


Compared to their metal counterparts, they may not have the same level of durability; nevertheless, their low weight more than makes up for this shortcoming. Utilise these when you want corner protection while maintaining a lightweight package.


Plastic edge protectors can also be used several times, albeit not nearly as many times as metal edge protectors can be used.



Although cardboard edge protectors don’t have the same level of durability as their metal or plastic counterparts, their price point is far more attractive. As a result, they are ideal for uses in which only little corner protection is required, such as in the case of the products covered in this article.


Because they are composed of paper, they are also lightweight; therefore, utilising them will not significantly contribute to the overall weight of the shipment.

Protective Packaging By Westside Packaging Systems Australia

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