Addressing Packaging Needs With The Right Strapping Products

08 November 2022

Consumers now have access to a wider selection of product possibilities because of developments in technical skills and an ever-expanding range of raw materials. On the other hand, these choices can make it more difficult for customers to make a purchasing decision, regardless of whether they are investing in a new automobile, remodelling their houses, or selecting the materials for their product’s packaging. It’s not uncommon for certain items to serve as the standard against which others are evaluated. Because of this, people tend to think that other goods are not as good of an option or are ineffective.

When it comes to strapping, the same general notion holds. In our latest article, we look at the various ways in which polyester and steel strapping differ from one another, and then we explain why it may be time for you to reevaluate the material you have been using for strapping.

Polyester Strapping

The length of polyester strapping will increase and decrease in tandem with the moving of a weight. Because of this, polyester is more flexible and adaptive to loads that may settle or shift as they are transported. Additionally, because polyester is a more delicate material than steel, it has a lower potential for abrasion.

However, things with sharp edges, such as metal sheets or I-beams, can cut through polyester strapping while transported. Because of this, loads that contain these types of objects frequently require the use of edge protection pieces to protect both the product and the strapping.

Polyester is a kind of polymer with great resistance to corrosion from most chemicals and can thus endure precipitation. On the other hand, polyester is susceptible to breakdown when subjected to ultraviolet light over extended periods.

Increased Assurance of Personal Safety

The handling of polyester strapping is less dangerous than the handling of steel strapping. Polyester strapping is also noticeably lighter than coils of an equivalent length, lowering the danger of any potential injuries occurring. Because it lacks the sharp edges often seen on steel strapping, polyester provides a higher level of safety to the operators working with it.

Cost Savings

When polyester strapping is used in place of steel strapping, it can result in cost savings up to four times larger than those realised with the use of the steel alternative. Compared to its steel equivalent, polyester perhaps possesses the most significant benefit in this area. The persistent demand placed on the supply chain for steel has increased the accessibility of polyester goods. Compared with steel strapping, polyester strapping provides superior protection for the items used, has a smaller negative impact on the surrounding environment, and will result in considerable cost savings.

Effects on the Environment Are Lessened

Polyester strapping has a significantly smaller overall impact on the environment than steel strapping. Extrusion is the technique by which raw resin components are transformed into polyester as part of the production process. In contrast, steel production involves a procedure that consumes significant energy and needs to be forged. Businesses concerned about the environment might produce significant nett energy savings by utilising polyester strapping in their packaging. Additionally contributing to a lower total load weight is the lighter polyester strapping. The movement of these items from point A to point B is made easier in terms of space, time, and fuel savings.

Performance Significantly Enhanced

Polyester strapping is created to have the qualities of steel, and in addition, it offers several advantages in terms of performance. Straps should be made of polyester materials since they are resistant to weather and UV degradation, preventing the straps from being weakened when they are kept in outdoor settings. On the other hand, polyester strapping will not tarnish objects when exposed to the environment, in contrast to steel, which will rust when it becomes damp.

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