Understanding the Complex Choices in Strapping

11 October 2022

Bewildering best describes the variety of strapping options that are now at your disposal for securing your items, packages, and everything packed so that they do not become damaged in transportation or shift about while being transported.

Westside Packaging Systems Australia is your best partner for advice and guidance on what kind of strapping you require to get the job done because of our years of expertise in identifying demands and connecting them with the appropriate solution. Find out if you are currently using the most appropriate strapping method for your needs here.

Strapping is manufactured from various materials, including steel, polyester, polypropylene, woven composite, and hot-melt cable. The kind most suitable for your application may differ depending on several aspects, including weight, size, and form. Gain a deeper understanding of each category:

Steel Strapping

Because it is the strapping material with the highest breaking strength, steel strapping is the kind that is utilised for the most difficult and labour-intensive tasks. The steel strap does not have particularly strong elongation or recovery properties; nevertheless, it does have a high break strength, which gives dependability. Imagine a rubber band whenever you hear the word “strap.” In the form of a rubber band, a steel strap would be extremely durable, inflexible, and incapable of stretching. This quality is admirable because it is difficult to compromise. On the other hand, when it is strained to the point that it will break, it just breaks rather than elongating and recuperating from the stress. Recent technological advancements in plastic strapping have made it possible for many individuals to transition from using steel to using plastic; yet, steel strapping is still widely employed across the industry today.

Strapping Made of Woven Cord, Baler, And Nylon

These are some of the less common straps that you might find. These are used in specialised applications and are renowned for the incredibly high strength as well as the adaptable qualities that they possess. If you speak with one of our strapping consultants, we will be able to assist you in determining whether or not they are a viable solution.

Plastic Strapping

In contrast to steel straps, the elongation and recovery of all forms of plastic strapping are properties that are shared by all types. However, these qualities can change significantly depending on the type of plastic used. You must pick the right material and tools for the project.

How do you determine what actions are appropriate for your job? Your priority should be safety, and we strongly suggest you give one of our knowledgeable representatives a call to schedule a no-cost consultation to determine which of our products and services will be most beneficial to you. In the following paragraphs, we will go through the primary categories of plastic straps. Each sort of plastic strap has several possibilities governed by the demands of the application. One size does not fit everyone.

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