Polypropylene or PP Strapping

Polypropylene Strapping




Westside Packaging Systems Australia supplies a complete range of locally manufactured and imported hand and machine grade polypropylene or PP strapping.

Polypropylene or PP strapping is a good choice for light and medium-duty applications, including pelletizing, unitizing, bundling, carton closure and reinforcement. It resists splitting and has a uniform surface, so it performs reliably in power strapping machines.

Embossed strapping is designed to perform in hot-knife sealing machines. It is a good choice for many light and medium-duty applications.

A variety of coil sizes are available for use in many power strapping machines.

Polypropylene or PP strapping has “elastic memory” which absorbs shock and keeps strapping tight during handling and shipping.

It is an economical choice for many applications.

Part No Dimensions (WxT) Minimum Break Force (kg) Metres / Coil
WP101 12mmx3000mx0.63mm Premium clear 120kg 3000m
WP102 12mmx3000mx0.63mm Premium Blue 120kg 3000m
WP108 5mmx7000mx0.45mm White premium 65kg 7000m
WP111 9mmx4000mx0.60mm Premium Blue 100kg 4000m
WP112 15mmx2500mx0.63 Premium Blue 150kg 2500m
WP124 15mmx1000mx0.90 Black heavy band 1000m
WP128 19mmx1000mx0.90mm Black Heavy band 400kg 1000m
WP120 12mmx1000mx0.45mm dispenser box 1000m
WP123 15mmx1000mx0.45mm dispenser box 1000m

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