Battery Strapping Tool JJW-16



JD-PSE13/16-14 Handheld Battery Powered Strapping Machine is suitable for the packing of the steel, timber, brick, fiber for its compact design and light weight that enables portability. It is used for paper industry aluminium industry, steel industry, wood, wooden packaging, chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, chemicals, metal industry and so on.


1. Easy to use, lightweight, compact design, portability

2. No fasteners, friction welding , high sealing efficiency

3. High degree of automation, easy to operate

4. Suitable for different sizes and shapes

5. Machine frame and components adopt high strength alloy material and engineering plastics, durable

6. High safety performance

JJW – 16 Battery Tool 12mm – 16mm Strap

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Battery Strapping Tool

JJW – 16 Battery Tool 12mm – 16mm Strap