Your Business Can Benefit from High-Quality Packaging Tapes from Westside Packaging

27 September 2022

At Westside Packaging Systems, we are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience as a business as well as ways that we can help you develop and grow. One of the ways that we do this is by focusing on methods that can help you increase your packaging capabilities.

We have outlined distinct methods in which the packaging tape offered by Westside may assist you in advancing to the next level of success in your organisation.

Improved Package Security

Every business should make it a priority to search for ways to lower its operating costs. Making certain that your shipments are sent and handled appropriately is one method to contribute to this goal substantially. Think about how much it costs when a box gets damaged while being shipped and the costs of mailing it back, resealing it and delivering it to the client again! It is not the kind of thing anyone wants to deal with.

Westside offers a variety of generic printed tapes, ranging from “Fragile” to “Heavy,” to ensure that your carrier is aware of handling the box with additional caution before it reaches your customer. However, this raises awareness for the carrier and lets your clients know that you sent the box with additional care and attention to detail. These little touches will have a significant and long-lasting effect on the customer experience as a whole and your company’s brand and reputation.

Effective Brand Recognition and Awareness

Today’s successful marketing strategies place a significant emphasis on building and maintaining a strong brand. In light of this, your company’s name and logo should be the first thing clients see when they open a box you’ve sent them. Utilising bespoke tape with your company’s logo printed on it is a quick and affordable approach to accomplish this printing task. It improves the unpacking experience and reveals whether or not the business from whom the goods were purchased is reliable.

Any potential customer will perceive that you are professional if the product is high quality and is packaged attractively. Rolls of several widths and diameters, suitable for either hand or machine use, are now available here at Westside Packaging Systems Australia!

Organised and Safe Packing

Excellent organisation and a focus on safety are two factors that are essential to success. It is possible to rapidly speed up the manufacturing lines of your business area if you can swiftly identify the products or materials you require for usage in your company.

For example, if one were to use our coloured tape to designate different kinds of merchandise in the warehouse, then personnel would be able to immediately recognise where one or several products are, select them out, and place them on the manufacturing line.

Because of this, any time they are spent looking for a product or determining whether or not it is the right one is immediately reduced! The packaging tapes offered by Westside Packaging Systems Australia may be utilised in extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures, improve their ability to seal with time, and come at a lower cost than most carton sealing adhesives now available on the market.

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