Three of the Most Common Packaging Tapes and What They’re Used For

27 March 2023

Packaging tapes are an extremely important component when packaging your goods. The appearance or look of the product, how long it will survive, and what it may be used for once it has been wrapped can be affected by the type of tape used to wrap it. There are many different kinds of tape, some of which are best suited for use indoors, whilst other kinds of tape are better suited for use outside or in various other applications. Let us talk about the many kinds of packaging tapes and the proper approach to utilise each one.

Hot Melt Tapes

These hot melt tapes are produced with high-volume applications in mind during manufacturing. They make trustworthy sealing possible each time they are inserted in the appropriate location. This long-lasting tape has an excellent stick factor, is simple to unroll, and functions very well when subjected to stress and pressure. These hot melt tapes, much like acrylic tape, perform very well on boxes and cartons, particularly those that include a significant amount of recyclable material. Acrylic tape is also a popular choice. The temperature range that these tapes are effective in is from 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and they may be applied either by hand or with a machine.

Filament Tapes

Filament tapes are glass-reinforced polypropylene material with an aggressive natural rubber-based adhesive system. Additionally, the tapes are coated with a polyethene glycol (PEG) coating. These tapes already have a high tensile strength, but you may make them even stronger by adding more glass fibres. As a direct consequence, items of low, medium, and high quality exist. Packing and bundling are two common use for these tapes.

Masking Tapes

It is possible to apply masking tape to various surfaces and remove it without leaving any residue or causing any harm. Masking tape is a paper tape that is light on adhesive, simple to unwind, and simple to rip. Because of its mild nature and relatively low degree of adhesion, it is well-suited for a wide variety of applications, both professional and non-professional.

Printed Tapes

PVC and polypropylene are the two common materials used to produce printed tape. They come in many colours, allowing you to choose the one that best complements your brand identity or the packaging you use. Tapes like this are often used to seal packages, but they may also be transformed into pre-printed forms that the end user can personalise with their information by following the instructions given on the form.


Everyone should remember that before applying the tape, it is necessary to verify the area of the substrate surface that the tape will cover to ensure that it is clean, free of grease, and devoid of any pollutants. The surface’s lack of clarity impacts the adhesive.

The major use of packing tape ensures that your boxes remain hermetically sealed. With the assistance of this difference, one can choose from the available options concerning which kinds of tapes may be more suitable for particular circumstances and the specifications that must be met for packaging.

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