Stretch Wrap and Why It’s an Ideal Packaging Consideration

27 April 2023

Stretch wrap is among the most productive, adaptable, and economical packing solutions. When weighed against the cost of potential damage incurred during transportation and storage, the value of using the appropriate pallet cover becomes clear. Stretch wrap is drawn around the load and stretched into position to secure the cargo for transit or storage in a warehouse. This is often done to protect the items that are being transported. The plastic has a property known as memory, which causes it to try to return to its initial size. This results in an effect similar to that of an elastic band, which keeps the load secured in place.

Stretch wrap is simple and may be done invarious sizes and shapes. You only need to cut down one size to relieve the tension and then remove the material by hand to recycle it. The removal process is both extremely rapid and very simple.

So, let’s look at the five most important advantages of employing stretch wrap.

Enhanced Safety Measures for the Products

Covering your cargo with a stretch wrap will shield them from the damaging effects of external factors such as dirt, dust, and moisture. This prevents dirt and moisture from getting on your goods. If you use stretch films that include UVI, your product load will be protected against UV rays even if it is stored outside for an extended period.

Decrease In Product Damage and Improvement In Load Stability

The stretch film allows you to safely encase your products and make for a more stable load that is less likely to shift while being moved around in your warehouse by a forklift. As a result, there is less risk that the product will be damaged or that a staff member will sustain an injury.

Enhanced Shipment and Handling Capabilities

Stretch pallet wrap, when paired with an inclined board, enables you to stack your load higher on pallets; as a result, you can make the most efficient use of the available cube space while storing or transporting your product. It also enables you to swiftly wrap your loads, which boosts your working efficiency and makes it possible for your personnel to finish more work in a single day. Because of its flexibility, pallet wrap can be used to stabilise loads that are difficult to stack or have an unusual form that cannot be placed neatly.

Improved Control of the Inventory

Your inventory can be organised more easily and precisely if you store comparable goods. This will also reduce the likelihood of products becoming separated, which may make inventory counts inefficient and time-consuming. While performing a stock take, using clear stretch wrap enables you to scan directly through and perform RFI scanning and visual inspections without removing the plastic barrier.


Did you know that virtually all films used for stretch wrapping are completely recyclable? Stretch wrap is one of the many products we produce here at Westside Packaging Systems. We make it a point to maintain pre-stretch film delivery, which helps us cut down on wastage by up to forty percent annually.

Packaging Tapes You Can Trust

We have worked hard to earn a reputation in Australia as the most reliable packaging provider, which we have maintained at Westside Packaging Systems. We can provide our customers with a variety of high-quality stretch wrapping goods, such as films that are transparent, black, coloured in specialised hues, resistant to UV rays, and of thick or thin gauge. Our selection may be applied by hand or machine, whatever the customer prefers. Because of our staff’s expertise, we can guide you in selecting the stretch wrap that will serve your purposes most effectively. Along with our customers, we ensure that the cargo goods they transport are safe and secure at an affordable price.

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