Steel Strapping

Steel Strapping

We are a leading Steel Strapping Supplier in Australia

If you are looking for the most effective strapping method to efficiently pack or store your goods, then steel strapping is the ultimate choice. We, at Westside Packaging Systems Australia, supply durable and quality steel strapping.

Our steel strapping is designed for all kind of tasks that require a heavy or very heavy-duty strap. Whether it is the packaging of industrial equipment, heavy construction materials or shipping steep coils, our steel strapping is ideal for all. We offer mainly two types of steel strapping:

  • Apex
    This offers ultimate break strength at a thinner gauge than a regular-duty steel strapping.This cold-rolled, apex low carbon steel strapping is highly recommended. It gives you the opportunity to save money on material and shipping costs.
  • Super Grade Magnus
    If you are looking for high tensile strength and excellent shock resistance strapping suitable for heavy-duty packages, then Magnus is the best cold-rolled and medium carbon steel strapping, combined with a heat-treated process which enables strapping of robust heavy-duty packages. It can be used on large heavy timber packs and similar heavy loads.

Depending on your strapping needs and shipping or handling considerations, we provide a full range of steel strapping to tailor your needs. Being one of the renowned steel strapping suppliers in Australia, we also provide all types of steel strapping equipment. From standard tools, heavy-duty tools, combination sealless tools, dispenser to steel strap cutters, we supply all.

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