Some Helpful Stretch Wrap Applications

24 August 2022

Want to find a better way to wrap and safeguard your cargo? Look no further. This flexible and cost-effective packing material is widely used. Compared to the expense of possible damage during shipping and storage, using a suitable pallet wrap is a no-brainer. Stretch wrap is typically used to secure products on a pallet for transit or storage in a warehouse. To keep the load in place, the plastic acts as an elastic band, which tends to return to its previous size.

Loads of all shapes and sizes may be simply wrapped in stretch wrap. To remove the material, you just cut it down one size and remove it by hand for recycling. It’s simple. To summarise, these are some of the most popular applications for stretch wraps.

Ways to Ship a Cargo Securely on a Pallet at a Low Cost

When it comes to securing cargo on a pallet for transport, one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods is to use stretch wrapping. After the boxes have been stacked into a cube on the pallet, the stretch film may then be wound around them. You can wrap pallets by hand or make use of specialised equipment to make the process more efficient and trustworthy. Stretch wrapping is also an excellent choice for pallets containing large bags (think feed, fertiliser, earth, or mulch), stacks of beverage containers, or even hefty 55-gallon drums or steel beams.

Rolling and Reeling to Secure

Carpeting and wire reels are two examples of rolled goods that might benefit from being secured with stretch film. When it comes to transportation and storage, this is a simple and economical solution to the problem of unrolling and unwinding. Wrapping the rolled or coiled material in a couple of layers of stretch film is all that is required. The film adheres to itself, so there’s no need for any ties or equipment to secure it.

Improved Protection of the Goods

Stretch film is utilised on occasion to give an additional layer of light protection for items that are stored on shelves. Instead of being sold in cardboard boxes, picture frames and other types of consumer items could have a layer of stretch wrap wrapped over them before being put up for sale. Stretch wrapping protects things from being scratched, scratched by other objects, and wet while still allowing the product to be seen. It is also an excellent method for preventing the unintentional opening of buckets containing liquids such as paint or boxes containing dry products while they are being distributed.

Better Moving Experience

The use of stretch wrap is useful for fastening and protecting large things before they are transported. Stretch film is commonly used by movers to protect furniture from scuffs and scrapes sustained during the moving process. Additionally, it keeps drawers close, allowing you to move things like dressers or filing cabinets without having to empty the contents of the drawers beforehand. Stretch film is also useful for protecting machinery and other industrial equipment. Moving parts can be stabilised and the danger of damage to expensive equipment can be reduced by using a tight wrap. It is an excellent choice for anything that cannot be contained within a box or container because of its size.

Stretch wrap can be used in hundreds of various ways, so feel free to get creative with how you put it to use. Have an odd application? Get in touch with us so that we can discuss the requirements for your stretch wrap, and we will be able to recommend the appropriate item.

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