Ribbon Wound Steel Strap Supply: Reinvent Strapping for Maximum Strength

22 January 2024

Steel Strap - Ribbon Wound

Revolutionise strapping of packages with ribbon wound steel strap supply from Westside Packaging Systems Australia. Secure your items today! Call 03 9335 5448.

Strapping is essential in packaging across various industries as it provides stability, security, and protection to goods during transportation and storage. With tons of advancements in materials, different types of strapping products have emerged to give industries viable options. At Westside Packaging Systems Australia, one type of packaging you can obtain is the ribbon wound steel strap.

The Composition of Ribbon Wound Steel Strap

Ribbon wound steel strap is a type of strapping material characterised by its flat and ribbon-like appearance. Unlike oscillated wound strapping, where the steel is wound in a tight coil, ribbon wound strapping is wound like a ribbon onto a spool. This unique winding technique contributes to a lot of features that make it a preferred choice in industries requiring robust and resilient strapping solutions.

The flat ribbon-like appearance of ribbon wound steel strap creates a smooth surface for products that will be transported and stored. The smooth, flat surface then reduces friction between coils during application, minimising the risk of jamming or disruptions during the strapping process.

The material used for this strapping option then has exceptional tensile strength, which makes it suitable for securing heavy loads and providing maximum load stability. Now, some notable applications of ribbon wound steel straps include securing heavy manufacturing machinery and bundling construction materials on significant job sites.

Ribbon Wound Steel Strap’s Notable Benefits

The composition and appearance of the ribbon wound steel strap allow it to provide tons of benefits. Some of its benefits are as follows.

•  Unmatched Strength: The ribbon wound steel strap is renowned for its exceptional strength. The flat and wide profile of the strap provides a larger surface area, distributing the tension evenly across the load. The use of high-quality steel likewise ensures durability and resistance to external elements, making it suitable for challenging environments where exposure to weather, temperature variations, or corrosive substances could compromise the integrity of other strapping materials.

•  Reduced Strapping Failures: The design of ribbon wound steel strap minimises the risk of strapping failures. The smooth, flat surface reduces friction between coils during application, resulting in a consistent and reliable strapping process. This feature reduces the likelihood of jamming or disruptions during packaging, contributing to operational efficiency.

•  Ease of Dispensing: The ribbon wound configuration facilitates easy dispensing of the steel strap. The flat profile allows for smooth and controlled unwinding, preventing tangling or twisting during application. This quality enhances the efficiency of strapping operations.

•  Cost-Effective: While ribbon wound steel strap may have a higher initial cost compared to some alternative materials, its durability and strength contribute to long-term cost savings. The reduced risk of strapping failures and the ability to secure heavy loads efficiently make it a cost-effective packaging solution over time.

•  Enhanced Safety: The strength and reliability of ribbon wound steel strap enhance worker safety during the packaging process. Operators can have confidence in the strapping material, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries associated with strapping failures.

Ribbon wound steel strap, which is available at Westside Packaging Systems Australia, features a unique design, unmatched strength, and versatility that make it a reliable choice for industries where securing heavy loads is a critical part of the packaging process. Invest in one today!

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