Polypropylene Strapping Tools

Polypropylene Strapping Tools

MBST – Battery Strapping Tool

MBST Battery Polypropylene Strapping Tool

  • Manual tension
  • Push Button Friction Seal
  • Suitable For PP and PET Strapping
  • Strap thickness of 0.5mm – 1.0mm
  • 14.4V 3Ah Battery
  • Supplied with one battery and charger
  • Extra batteries available

Poly Tensioners

Order Code Description Suits
PT 1219 Poly Tensioner – Standard 12-19mm
PT 1219 HD Poly Tensioner – Heavy Duty 12-19mm
PT 320 Poly Tensioner MUL-320 – Heavy Duty 12-19mm

Poly Strapping Sealers

Order Code Description Suits
PS 12 Sealer 12mm 12mm
PS 16 Sealer 16mm 16mm
PS 19 Sealer 19mm 19mm
PS 12-16 Combo Universal sealer 12-16mm

Poly Strapping Dispensers

Order Code Description Suits
WP796 H-83E Dispenser PP Strap on 200mm core
WP797 H-83 Dispenser (mobile) PP Strap on 200mm core
WP801 Poly Dispenser 15-19 HD Adj core size 150/200/280/400mm

Poly Sealer – 12, 16 and 19mm models available. Designed for use with OF (open flange) seals.

PET Strapping tool

PET 1219 HD Standard tensioner for polyester strapping up to 19mm.

poly tensioner

Standard Poly Tensioner PT 1219 (H-21)

polypropylene strapping instrument

PT-320 MUL320 Heavy Duty PET/Poly tensioner up to 19mm.

polypropylene strapping machine

H-83E Dispenser suit 12mm x 3000m


H-83 Dispenser Mobile

polypropylene strapping tools

Mobile dispenser -Adjustable Core Size

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