Polyester or PET Strapping

Polyester Strapping


Polyester is one of the best strapping materials available today; it can be strapped to higher tension than many other strapping materials. This unique quality makes it one of the best strapping materials of any type for securing loads.

The polyester or PET strapping provides minimum elongation at its normal working tension. This “elastic” effect maintains shrinking packages tighter. It provides greater load stability during storage and shipping. Additionally, the polyester strapping offers superior retained tension under hot, humid conditions and is more resistant to such environments than other plastic strapping.

Polyester or PET strapping is strong yet performs smoothly and reliably in both hand and power strapping machines applications. It is more tear and snag resistant than other plastic strapping.

Polyester or PET strapping is also much safer to use than metal strapping since it has no sharp edges. It is significantly lower in cost than steel strapping, a lot safer to use, and easier to recycle or dispose of.

Polyester or PET strapping products are suitable for use in a variety of industrial light weight and heavy-duty applications including the securing of corrugated products, beverage containers, construction materials, timber, hay, wool, cotton, cartons and PVC pipe loads.

Our polyester or PET strapping is available in a range of gauges and widths.

Considering all of the above, polyester strapping has become a wise choice as a steel strapping replacement.

A full range of smooth and embossed PET strap is available from 9mm to 19mm.

Part No Dimensions (WxT) Minimum Break Force (kg) Metres / Coil
WP135 9mmx0.65×3500 Embossed 220kg 3500m
WP137 19mmx1.32mmx710m 1114kg 710m
WP141 Contrax 6mmx4500m 4500m
WP142 Contrax 716G 2440m 2440m
WP143 SP 216 Contrax 6mmx5500m 5500m
WP149 9mmx.5x3300m Smooth 190kg 3300m
WP150 12mm x .6 x 2000m Smooth 270kg 2000m
WP151 12mm x .6 x 2000m Embossed 270kg 2000m
WP152 16mm x .7 x 1400m Smooth 430kg 1400m
WP152B 16mm x .7 x 1400m Black 430kg 1400m
WP153 16mm x .7 x 1400m Embossed 430kg 1400m
WP154 16mm x .9 x 1140m Smooth 540kg 1140m
WP155 16mm x .9 x 1280m Embossed 540kg 1280m
WP156 16mm x 1 x 1040m Smooth 610kg 1040m
WP159 19mm x 1 x 820m Smooth 720kg 820m
WP160 19mm x 1mm x 800 Embossed 720kg 820m
polyester strap
PET strap
Polyester or PET Strapping

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