Filament Tapes 101: Everything and Anything About It

09 August 2022

Designed for heavy-duty purposes, filament tape is a utility-grade packing tape that may be used for packaging. Fiberglass “filaments” are what give it its strength and integrity. Unlike heat-sensitive or water-activated tapes, filament tape has a sticky or tacky backing that clings to a surface with minimal pressure, rather than requiring heat or water to activate.

A brief background of filament tape is included in this article, as well as a look at the best methods to use it to your advantage and increase your brand’s visibility.

How Is It Different From Traditional Packing Tape?

Because it has embedded fibreglass filaments, filament tape is not your typical adhesive packaging tape. It is used for a variety of applications. It develops a link that is both significantly stronger and more long-lasting. Filament tape is the best option when you want long-lasting and heavy-duty durability. Traditional and more often used packaging tapes such as polypropylene and PVC also have their uses, but filament tape is the clear winner in this category.

Best Way For Its Utilisation

Does it feel heavy? Weak construction of the box? The most prudent option is to use filament tape The use of filament tape to seal corrugated boxes is one of its most common uses; nonetheless, its strengths lie in heavy-duty applications. Because of its naturally high tensile strength, the material is particularly helpful for heavy loads and construction boxes. It is necessary to use a portable dispenser designed particularly for strapping or filament tape to apply filament tape. A blade designed to cut through the filaments contained in the tape will be installed in the dispenser.

Best for Support and Strength Without the Mess

Because of its strength and flexibility, as well as the fact that it can be removed without leaving any kind of residue, filament tape is used extensively in industry and production. Filament tapes are transparent adhesive tapes that are embedded with filaments of materials such as synthetics, cotton, or fibreglass. It can maintain the integrity of large and weighty components even as they move through the various stages of the manufacturing or production process.

The advantage of using filament tapes is that they do not leave any residue behind. Components, sub-assemblies, or pre-production units can be kept together without leaving any visible markings on the final product using this technique. This finish, which is transparent and leaves no residue, may be applied to metals, cardboard boxes, plastics, and a wide variety of other components and materials.

Is It Worth The Buy and Use?

Because custom-printed filament tape can assist in securing even the most weighty of shipments, it is not only a practical and economical answer to the problem of how to pack heavy items, but it is also an astute marketing tool. You can place an order with us for any of the numerous kinds of best-selling custom packaging tapes, including filament tape.

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