Filament Tape Supply: Key Impact in Logistics and Packaging

05 February 2024

filament tape

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Logistics and packaging industries should do everything just to keep products safe and secure, especially during their transport and storage. To date, they take advantage of various packaging materials to ensure proper transportation of goods. One of these materials is the filament tape.

A Quick Look at Filament Tape

Filament tape is a type of adhesive tape that is comprised of strong fibreglass strands. Also known as filament-reinforced tape, its overall material composition allows it to be strong and durable, making it useful in bundling and reinforcing shipments. It can even be used for sealing applications, particularly for items requiring extra strength and support during handling.

Filament Tape: Major Features

When you opt for a filament tape, expect to take advantage of its following features.

•  Unparalleled Strength: Filament tape is known for its bundling capabilities. When multiple items require to be held together, this tape can serve as a reliable binding agent. Whether it’s corrugated boxes, packages of varying shapes, or oddly sized items, the robust fibres of this tape will effectively provide unparalleled strength and stability. This feature allows bundled goods to stay intact throughout their storage and transit.

•  Resistance to Shear and Tear: Filament tape is also popular for its resistance to shear and tear. The fibreglass strands woven into the tape provide a high level of tensile strength, making it resistant to lateral forces and deterring the tape from splitting or tearing easily.

•  Efficient Load Stabilisation: When stabilising loads on pallets or within shipping containers, filament tape can be utilised to create a secure webbing pattern, preventing the items from shifting or tilting during transit. The efficient load stabilisation of the tape allows it to safeguard the goods as well as streamline their unloading process at the intended destination.

•  Resistance to Extreme Conditions: Filament tape can withstand a range of environmental conditions. Whether facing extreme temperatures, humidity, or exposure to various elements during transit, it maintains its structural integrity, helping packages remain safely and securely bound.

Invest in Quality Filament Tape

Investing in filament tape for logistics and packaging purposes can ensure packages will be secured. Filament tape’s general features allow it to reinforce the seams and edges of packages, minimising the risk of the goods bursting open or sustaining damage during handling. It can also save on shipping costs and enhance the reputation of logistics providers.

Filament tape can be used in a lot of applications. Some of them include bundling pipes, reinforcing pallets, and providing temporary fixes for on-the-go repairs. They can apply the said tape through manual dispensers or automated taping machines.

If you require quality filament tape supply, you can partner with us at Westside Packaging Systems Australia. We offer this tape in various dimensions and rolls in cartons to accommodate your logistics and packaging needs. Investing in our offerings helps you obtain a tape that is cost-efficient, effective, durable, and dependable for a long time.

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