About Westside Packaging

About Westside Packaging

Westside Packaging Systems Australia is a leading packaging company in Melbourne known for supplying a range of Steel Strapping, Plastic Strapping and Stretch Wrap films to suit all types of industries and applications.

As well as supplying all types of packaging supplies in Melbourne, Westside Packaging Systems Australia also sells a full range of strapping and wrapping equipment, ranging from basic hand applications to fully automatic equipment to suit a wide range of applications.

We support these installations with factory trained service technicians and an extensive stock holding of spare parts. We also offer after sales service and preventative back up service on all of our packaging equipment sold.

Established in April 1997, Westside Packaging Systems Australia is a privately owned Australian company priding itself on unique personalised service and sale of quality packaging supplies in Melbourne including products, machinery and hand tools.

Our products and service include:

  • Steel Strapping – We provide various options of steel strapping to bind your item, including standard ribbon and rope wound steel strapping, Magnus steel strapping and super high tensile steel strapping.
  • Steel Strapping Tools – We provide standard tools, heavy-duty tools, combination sealless tools, dispensers and strap cutters.
  • Polyester or PET Strapping – With smooth, embossed and high strength polyester, the object remains intact with polyester strapping.
  • Polyester or PET Strapping Tools – We provide hand tensioners, sealers, manual combination tools, battery-powered combination tools and dispensers for polyester strapping.
  • Polypropylene or PP Strapping – It can be done two ways: hand grade in a dispenser box or machine grade on a roll.
  • Polypropylene or PP Strapping Tools – We supplyhand tensioners, sealers and dispensers for polypropylene strapping.
  • Poly Strapping Machines – We provide semi-auto and automatic strapping machine.
  • Polywoven and Composite Strapping – Woven, composite polyester strapping, buckles, hand tools.
  • Seals and Buckles – Our packaging supplies in Melbourne include Seals-Steel, Seals-Poly and Pet, Buckles-Poly, Strap Guards.
  • Angleboard, Stretch Film and Top Sheets
  • General Packaging, Packaging tapes like rubber and acrylic adhesive, masking tape and custom printed tape.
  • Building Products – Builders film, protective film and corflute sheets
  • Personal Protective Equipment – Gloves and eye, hearing, respiratory protection.
  • Office Stationery – Pens, markers, paper, cutters and toner
  • Janitorial products – Food prep, janitorial

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