6 Notable Benefits of Using Composite Strapping

27 April 2022

Industries that produce different types of materials must ensure that their offerings will be stored, handled, and transported safely. One process that can help them achieve these things is strapping.

Strapping is a process of bundling, combining, and stabilising materials by wrapping them with specific strapping products. Many industries utilise strapping regularly to ensure that their offerings will stay locked in place whenever they are being stored and transported to various locations. They likewise use this process to prevent their offerings from breaking or getting damaged.

Different strapping options can be used by industries. But one strapping option that many embraces today is composite strapping. Composite strapping uses high-tenacity polyester yarns covered in polypropylene fibres. With its composition, composite strapping is expected to provide the following benefits.

  1. Strong

One notable benefit of using composite strapping is it is strong. The combination of polyester yarns and polypropylene allows this type of strapping to have great strength. Its strength can even be matched to steel strapping, making composite strapping compatible with many materials.

  1. Impact-Resistant

Materials that are being transported and shipped are expected to bump others during their whole trip. Given this situation, they must be wrapped around a strapping material that can absorb impact energy. Fortunately, composite strapping has high impact resistance due to its elasticity, memory retention, and elongation characteristics. These qualities allow composite strapping to absorb impact without breaking its load-bearing capacity and even outmatch the impact resistance of steel strapping.

  1. Non-Abrasive

Many strapping options today may be able to hold and secure the materials during their transport and delivery. However, they might scratch and scrape their surfaces along the way. Composite strapping, luckily, maximises non-abrasive polyester composite, granting this strapping option a soft texture that protects materials and other products from getting damaged.

  1. Robust

The strength of composite strapping is already notable for many industries. However, it does not stop from impressing them as it can resist rusting, rotting, sticking, and splicing. It can even withstand moisture, heat, ultraviolet rays, and other weather elements. Its resistance to these things can guarantee industries a strapping option that can last for a long time.

  1. Dependable

Strapping products are intended to bundle materials, not hurt people. Unfortunately, some strapping options can be difficult to install and remove. Worse, they could cause harm to people who may attempt to install and remove them without any gloves or other safety tools. This issue is not present with composite strapping since this strapping option does not bounce and maximises light and soft finish. It does not even have any sharp corners, preventing anyone from getting hurt.

  1. Cost-Effective

One more benefit of composite strapping is it is cost-effective. The cost of producing composite strapping is lower than producing steel strapping. And given all the previously stated benefits of composite strapping, investing in this type of strapping can be ideal for businesses that want to save some money.

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