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High-Quality Strapping Machines in Australia

If you are looking for an effective way to secure your products and cartons, then consider our quality strapping machines. We, at Westside Packaging Systems Australia, provide the best strapping machines in Australia. Our machines are very easy to operate and maintain. You can use our strapping machine to hold together or bundle your packages to make them transport-ready or storage-ready.

We provide both, automatic and semi-auto strapping machines in Australia. Our strapping machines suit various applications including hard and soft packages as well as packages of varied shapes.

Semi-auto Strapping Machines

Our range of portable and compact semi-auto strapping machines in Australia is designed for general use purpose and can meet your various applications.

Strap width 6mm to 15.5mm
Strap tension 15-45kg
Net weight 85kg

Various models available: TP-201, TP-202, TP-202L (low table model) and TP-203 (mid-size model)

One of our strapping machines


TP 201 CE Semi Auto Strapping Machine


Automatic Strapping Machines

The Tauris TP-601D is an enhanced automatic strapping machine for wide straps (8 mm-12 mm).

With enhanced features, Tauris TP-601D is the most powerful machine and the best price/performance ratio product in its class for wide straps and general purpose applications. The machine can be operated by several methods, such as foot pedal switch, start switch, and photo eye sensor.

Strap width 8mm to 12mm
Strap Thickness 0.55 – 0.75mm
Strap tension 7-70kg
Speed per minute (60Hz) 29 straps
Net weight 220kg

Mercury TP-702 is an innovative world-class high-speed automatic strapping machine. It is suitable for 5, 6, 9, or 12mm P.P. strap. It equips with all industry’s standard features and creative user friendly designs.

Mercury TP-702 offers the most optimal performance, highest speed, easiest maintenance and the most cost effective solution in its class today.

Strap width 5mm to 12mm
Strap Thickness 0.55 – 0.75mm
Strap tension 1-45kg for 12mm 1-32kg 5-9mm
Speed per minute (60Hz) 60 straps for 12mm 65 from 5mm – 9mm
Net weight 166kg

Various arch sizes available. All of our machines comply to Australian Standards with TK-035 IP-67 GS rated interlock safety switches.

semi auto strapping machine


auto strapping machine


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