Woven, Composite & Hot Melt Strapping

Woven, Composite & Hot Melt Strapping

Woven Polyester (Poly woven) Strapping
Composite (Corded) Strapping


Poly Woven Strapping or Woven Polyester Strapping retains high tension for long periods and can be re-tensioned anytime during transit or storage. Light weight reusable strap allows you to reduce waste, and transport strap easily between work stations. No sharp edges to “snap back” when cut, reduces workplace injuries.

Composite Strapping combines strength impact resistance and high joint efficiency.The composite strap is a user-friendly product and stays tight on loads, hence minimising load shifts.

When using this type of strapping system or poly woven strapping, it is important to use the correct buckles to ensure you get the correct system strength to secure the load.

The system strength is more critical for performance than the breaking strain. Dynamic movement force of a strapped item can be double the physical weight; this is why the system strength is the relevant rating that needs to be used. The specified buckle with the appropriate composite strap has been determined from a series of destructive test to provide the correct system strengths when assembled in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

The following tables contain the types of product, the break strength, the System strength and the correct buckle:

Product Approx. Break Strength kg Approx. System Strength kg Recommended type of Buckle to use
Woven 16mmx1 blue line 350 560 16-Pn HD
Woven 19mmx1 blue line 590 940 19-Pn 4.0
Woven 19mmx1 red line 840 1350 19-Pn HD
Woven 19mmx2 red line 1100 1500 19-Pn HD
Woven 19mm orange 1100 1500 19-Pn HD
Woven Lashing – 32mm 2300 3700 32-Belt
Woven Lashing – 50mm 5000 8000 50-Belt
Composite – 16mm 430 690 16-Nit HD
Composite – 19mm 630 1010 19-Nit HD
Composite – 25mm 940 1500 25-Gal HD
Composite – 32mm 1500 2400 32-Gal HD

Hot Melt (Bonded) Polyester Strapping

Product Approx Break Strength kg Recommended type of Buckle to use
Bailing press 9.0mm 280
Bailing press 13.0mm white 380 13 Gal HD
Bailing press 13.0mm 290 13 Gal HD
Bailing press 19.0mm 610 19 Gal HD

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