Peels & Press Labels

Peels & Press Labels

Supa Labels Label Size 75mm x 135mm

WP734 “HEAVY” 500/ctn
WP735 “HANDLE WITH CARE” 500/ctn
WP736 “FRAGILE” 500/ctn
WP737 “TOP LOAD ONLY” 500/ctn
WP738 “DO NOT CRUSH” 500/ctn
WP739 “THIS WAY UP” 500/ctn
WP741 “GLASS WITH CARE” 500/ctn
“URGENT” 500/ctn
“DO NOT BEND” 500/ctn
“PRIORITY” 500/ctn
WP742 “TO: – FROM:” 95mm x 135mm 400/ctn


Document Envelopes Self Adhesive

WP730 Invoice Enclosed 150mm x 115mm 1,000/ctn
WP732 Packing Enclosed 150mm x 115mm 1,000/ctn
WP733 Document Enclosed 115mm x 160mm 1,000/ctn

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